Dars Bengee Rutter

10/05/1996  -  02/15/2010


Bengee came into our home at 3 yrs old, coming from a family with health issues. He was the sweetest boy ever. He never barked but rooed, licked and had helicopter tails.  He loved all the dogs, fosters and keepers that came through my house. He ran front legs going straight out, (no wonder he never raced) . I had 10 plus wonderful years with him and can't imagine life without him. He has his buddies, Frazer, Finnegan, Ice Princess and Sparky who are probably embracing him at Rainbow Bridge now, and his buddies, Whitney, Hector, Tommy, Jet and Hank that are missing him terribly.  I love you baby boy, forever and ever,

Jeff and Nora Rutter and family